Are Lesbians Being Properly Represented in Hollywood?

Homophobia has existed in Hollywood for a long time. For many years, a large amount of violence and discrimination was directed toward the gay community.  Recently, there has been more homosexual representation in the entertainment industry.  It’s been a breath of fresh air.  Movies like “Love Simon” have made a huge impact. This movie impacted not only the gay community but adolescents as well.  A majority of today’s movies are based on the romance between men.  Frequently, it appears that the movie scene focuses strictly on the G in LGBT.

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The L or lesbians are almost always under-represented in Hollywood, as are the bisexuals. If media represents them, it is usually in a stereotypical way.  They get depicted as Femme, usually visually pleasing and with an accelerated sex drive.  It is common to see a lesbian attempt a heterosexual relationship.  She does this despite not being a bisexual.  This depiction portrays the lesbian lifestyle as a flippant choice instead of their true character.

Groundbreaking shows such as “The L Word” displayed predictable, stereotypical, and hyper-sexualized women as lesbians.  It is undeniable that lesbians are sexual creatures.  However, these over-the-top sex scenes in shows and movies appear to be for the pleasure of the male viewers.  There are times when lesbians are portrayed as the main characters in a realistic setting.  Often, these characters are ignored.  One example of this would be the movie “Battle of the Sexes.”  This film describes the story of a famous tennis player who fought for gender equality in the sport.  The lead character identifies as a lesbian and falls for a woman for the first time.

Many people believe Emma Stone, the main character, should have won an Oscar for her role.  This did not happen, and it seems that the movie fell by the wayside. This isn’t the case with movies focusing on gay men. “Brokeback Mountain” received the best picture nomination.  Lesbians in film have not been acknowledged in the same way. These movies tend to never make it in the limelight.

In fact, lesbian characters are being killed off on shows so quickly that a name has been given to describe it.  The concept of “Burying the Gays” was coined when an alarming number of lesbian and bisexual women got killed off in famous television series. These series include “The 100” and most notably, “The Walking Dead”.  Death is frequently utilized in storylines. This method won’t be stopping anytime in the near future.

Lesbian relationships are frequently the theme of movies with lesbian characters and are often inaccurately represented. Lesbian sex in media is frequently presented as entertainment for both the heterosexual man behind the camera as well as the audience. Lesbian portrayals in Hollywood still have a long way to go. It does seem that they are making progress though. It’s important to learn to walk before running. Producers want to make sure this change will be successful before diving in head first. There are a lot more movies and shows with lesbians being produced in today’s society.

Netflix and other streaming services have given homosexuals the opportunity to create more accurate material which is still entertaining. Lesbians currently make up the majority of the LGBT representation on these platforms. It is the hope that lesbians will continue to gain popularity in the media while also being portrayed accurately and in more meaningful ways. Girl on girl action is very popular in the adult entertainment industry. However, it’s important that society realizes lesbians are so much more than the typical stereotype.